The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

County Armagh Part 3

Camp Drumilly, Loughgall

Camp Drumilly in Loughgall was used by 202 Field Artillery Battalion U.S. Army Headquarters along with Headquarters Battery, Battery A, B and C as well as a Medical Detachment and Service Battery.

These Troops were joined by 961 Field Artillery Battalion Headquarters with their HQ Battery, Batteries A, B and C, Medical Detachment and Service Battery.

The pictures here show a Firing Range which remains as well as two bullets which were sitting on the sand.

Camp Drumilly was used by both American and British Soldiers during the Second World War. 

Dartry Lodge, Blackwatertown

This was a Billet for 3 Field Artillery Observation Battalion, Battery B of the United States Army.

Summer Island, Charlemont

Summer Island was used by both American and Belgian Troops.

The U.S. Army 3 Field Artillery Observation Battalion Headquarters, Headquarters Battery, Battery A and Medical Platoon were based at Summer Island.

Here we can see the remains of an American Constructed Quonset Hut however the sign on the inner wall shows that this building was probably occupied by Belgian Troops after the departure of the Americans.

"Defence De Fumer" meaning "No Smoking"

Brownlow House, Lurgan

A Company (Lurgan) County Armagh Battalion of the Ulster Home Guard at the front of Brownlow House - You can make a comparrison with my picture of how the building looks today.

Brownlow House became Headquarters for United States Army on December 21st 1942 when Major General Wade H Haislip established his HQ in Brownlow House.

American Servicemen Zach and Wilbert of 5th Corps, U.S. Army are pictured at the rear of Brownlow House.

This is the same Wilbert who is shown with Sarah Jane at Lurgan Park in the County Armagh Part 2 section of this website.

(Thanks very much to the Old Lurgan Photos Facebook Page)

Original WW2 graffiti which can be seen on the wall of the Basement in Brownlow House. Interestingly the wording appears to have been written by both English and Belgian Soldiers. You may be able to see that one of the swear woods used has been spelt incorrectly!

General Russell P. Hartle, centre standing, Commander 36th Infantry Division and Commander of all United States Army Forces in Northern Ireland surrounded by Officers of his General Headquarters Staff in Lurgan. (More at Rangers Museum, Carrickfergus)

"KEEP OUT by orders of Headquarters Commandant" - These pictures show what can be seen in the basement of Brownlow House which has now been converted into a Top Quality Museum.

Here we see the side of Brownlow House with American Servicemen during WW2 and the same location looks today whilst above left is the Stars and Stripes on parade in Lurgan. (Black and white photographs from Belfast Telegraph)

Johnston & Allen Factory, Woodville Street, Lurgan

Here we see what was the Johnston and Allen Factory in Woodville Street, Lurgan. 

During the War the factory was used to manufacture Wings for Aircraft. (Google)

Although the building has now been developed into housing the "Johnston,Allen&Co" can still be seen above the front door.

(My thanks to the excellent Old Lurgan Facebook Page and in particular the Old Lurgan Military Album.)

Navy, Army and Air Force Institute (N.A.A.F.I.) in Armagh

There were a few N.A.A.F.I. locations in the City of Armagh

One of them was at 57 Scotch Street which is shown here with another at Sleater's Garage in College Street and a Hostel at Drumsill.

There was also an American Red Cross at the City Café.

(This information comes from a WW2 Telephone Directory and the picture above is from Google)

Crossmaglen Chain Home Radar

A Chain Home Radar was operated by the Royal Air Force at Urcher Hill, Crossmaglen during WW2.

This was a Mobile Radar System rather than a permanent fixture.


Soldiers of the U.S. Army were based in what they referred to as "Camp Keady"

They were 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Battalion was in Keady.

The Rifle Companies, Heavy Weapons Company and Battalion Headquarters were all based in the Mill which is shown below.

The 120 men of the Cannon Company were next to the stone building which was used as the Officers Quarters.

(Thanks very much to Liam O'Manachain for the Information and Photographs)

One of the local Pubs which became a favourite with the American Soldiers was "The Anchor Bar" which was owned by Hugh O'Neill.

The Bar has now gone however a Sign on the wall gives some information as to the history of the premises.

With regard to the Sign which is shown here.

I have researched  9th Infantry Regiment, 2ns Infantry Division, 3rd Battalion and believe that they landed at Omaha Beach not on D-Day but D-Day +1.