The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

County Fermanagh Part 3


Ashbrooke is near Brookeborough and during 1942 was used as Billits by 1st Battalion, 135th Infantry of the 34th Infantry Division, U.S. Army.

On 15th December they were joined by 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry, 8th Infantry Division who stayed there until June 1944.

The nineteen photographs here are stamped on the rear "Passed for Personal Use Only. Not for Publication. Theatre Censor. ETOUSA" (European Theatre of Operations, United States Army) They are dated 26th and 27th September 1944.  ***Charlie Anderson Collection, by kind permission of his family Do Not Copy***

Time for a Break - The soldier on the left is named as "Bob Jones"

The photograph on the right has the name Kline handwritten on the back.

The final photograph above shows that County Fermanagh is known more for its rainfall rather than sunshine.

On the back of this photograph is written "The Flood Outside Our Door. August 1942"

***Charlie Anderson Collection, by kind permission of his family Do Not Copy***

Medal Presentations at Ashbrooke

There pictures show Private Julius Biel (Seated due to Injury) and Private G. Jones being awarded the Soldiers Medal by Major General William Claude McMahon at Ashbrooke on 13th May 1944.

U.S. Army Soldiers training in the Ashbrooke Area

In front of the Soldier on the left you can see some camouflage netting.

Some of the "G.I.'s speaking with Turf Cutters.

Perfecting Shooting Skills.

Weapons being cleaned on the left with a tent being prepared on the right.

Looking down into the Camp you can see that some of the Nissen Huts have been painted in a camouflage pattern.

Another group photograph of U.S. Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 135th Infantry, 34th Infantry Division at Ashbrooke.

******These photographs are from a Private Collection. Do Not Copy******

Belle Isle, Lisbellaw

In January 1944 this became home to 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion, XV Corps United States Army.

Trory Church Graveyard

On looking around the graveyard at Trory Church overlooking St Angelo Airfield I was surprised to find the grave of Major General Thomas Patrick David Scott.

Scott had been Officer Commanding 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers between 1942 and 1944 and subsequently from 1944 until 1947 he had commanded 38th Irish Brigade.

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his actions during the war.

Kiltierney Ammunition Dump

This Ammunition Dump / Magazine sits in a hollow at Kiltierney near Kesh. It was constructed by the United States Navy and was part of a considerable plan to provide all the necessary facilities for 4 Flying Boat Squadrons including Maintenance and of course the all important storage of ammunition.

Part of this major construction plan included the Military Hospital at Necarne Castle which is referred to in Co Fermanagh Part 1.

Two large buildings as shown here remain on the site.