The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

Belfast Blitz 1941 Plaques

Belfast City Council have erected Plaques at various locations around the city which refer to the "Belfast Blitz".

This was when Belfast was bombed by the German Luftwaffe in 1941.


Peters Hill

This plaque is shown at the site and the photograph on the right shows the Peters Hill Public Baths as they looked (Many thanks to the Old Belfast Facebook site)

St Patricks Church, Donegal Street

Please note that this Plaque is displayed in the Foyer of the Building so access is required to see it.

Burke Street and Annadale Street off Antrim Road

Victoria Barracks off Antrim Road

Victoria Barracks was a large Military Barracks which stood on this spot. The row of houses which is called Victoria Barracks can be found at Carlisle Parade off Antrim Road.

York Street Mill, Vere Street and Sussex Street off York Street

Trinity Street Church, Off Clifton Street.

Ballynure Street off Oldpark Road

Ohio Street / Heather Street Plaque at Woodvale Community Centre

Hogarth Street

This plaque has been included within a miral about the Belfast Blitz.

Ohio Street / Heather Street Plaque at Heather Street off Woodvale Road

Percy Street off Shankill Road

Blythe Street 

The Blythe Street plaque is on the Church in which people sheltered.

Falls Road

This plaque is on Falls Road Leisure Centre which was the site of Falls Road Baths. This was used as a temporary Mortuary. (This plaque is in Irish)

Ravenscroft Avenue off Newtownards Road

Thorndyke Street

St Georges Market - Temporary Mortuary

Much is made of the terrible blitz on the City of Coventry however, due to a lack of Air Defence and sufficient Air-raid shelters it was sadly the City of Belfast which suffered the most civilian fatalities in one raid which took place on the night of 15 - 16th April 1941.
Approximately 900 people lost their lives with 255 bodies being removed to a temporary Mortuary at St George's Market at Oxford Street / Albertbridge Road / May Street.
Of those brought to St Georges 151 were successfully identified and from this number 92 were taken by relatives and friends for burial.