The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

County Londonderry Part 5

Arrival of American Soldiers in Londonderry

Having arrived by ship these U.S. Army Soldiers enjoyed some hot food as seen here.

These photographs were taken on 13th May 1942. (Imperial War Museum Photographs)

Making their way along Duke Street (Imperial war Museum Photograph)

After some food it was time to march up Bonds Hill and I have included a comparrison picture of how this looks today (IWM and Google)

An American Corporal is seen top left showing a photograph of his family to a British Soldier.

Corporal Lloyd C. Carpenter had three sons in the U.S. Navy. He was from Waverley, Iowa and the Second World war was his Forth war! 

Above right Brigadier K.N. Crawford is seen with Colonel E.H.Leavy. They are also shown below left and joined by Brigadier Cuff below right.

All these photographs were taken on 5th February 1942. (Imperial War Museum photographs)

Southwest of Dungiven

This selection of photographs shows the construction of a narrow road through the Sperrin Mountains to the Southwest of Dungiven by 61st Division, Royal Engineers 

(Imperial War Museum Photographs)

Units involved included 297, 582, 583 and 584 Companies, Royal Engineers.

All thes photographs were taken on 21st November 1942.

This location is recorded as being "Templemoyle" which is shown in the Townland Map below ( From

I believe this narrow road is on the northern side of the river above Glenedra Road (Bing Maps)