The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

Greater Belfast Part 8

Ulster Home Guard - Belfast at Barnets Park Demesne, Belfast

This selection of photographs shows an Ulster Home Guard Unit from Belfast who are involved in a Training Exercise. (IWM Pictures)

The Men are first seen being Inspected before boarding Trucks which have a Motorcycle Rider in front of the convoy.

A wheel needs to be replaced on one of the vehicles and in the picture above right a Lance Corporal receives his Work Ticket from a Sergeant (IWM Photographs)

Motor Transport Company, Ulster Home Guard Office receives a new sign for the Door 1st November 1942. (IWM Pictures)

The Men of the Ulster Home Guard. Photographed on 1st November 1942 (IWM Pictures)

The Work of the Army Post Office

This selection of photographs relates to the work of the Army Post Office. Mail is seen arriving at the Army Post Office in the pictures above.

I do not have a precise location although the photographs were taken in Belfast on 8th February 1941.  (IWM Pictures)

Following its arrival the Mail is checked by the Censors

Following any censorship the Mail is bagged up and prepared for despatch. Shown on the right is one of the very popular "Mail Call" as well as others being delivered to Civilian addresses. (IWM Pictures)