The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

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Newspaper Reports of Northern Ireland Service Personnel Casualties

The shocking lists of those who had been Killed, Wounded or were missing were printed in the local press.

Ulster Home Guard Certificate of Service

This Ulster Home Guard Certificate of Service was presented  to Corporal A. Stuart Dudgeon of A Company, 3rd Belfast Battalion Ulster Home Guard based at Shandon Park, Belfast. (Thanks very much to Jeffrey Dudgeon) *****PLEASE DO NOT COPY****

Northern Ireland District Cloth Patch

This cloth shoulder patch was worn by Soldiers in Northern Ireland District during the Second World War.

Travel Permit

(Thanks to World War Wonders)

Training Ranges in Northern Ireland

There were a large number of Training Ranges throughout the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. Below is a guide to the types of Ranges illustrated in the Maps. These include Artillery, Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft and Mortar as well as Field Firing and Battle Schools.

Passenger Liner Athena Torpedoed

The Article above is from "The War Illustrated" dated 16th September 1939. 

Immediately below is the Athena (BBC Photograph) and the view of her sinking (From Navy News) The Punch cartoon shows the feelings of the time (BBC Picture)

Animals and Air Raids

(The photographs of Documants shown above are from PRONI)