The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Londonderry Bombing

On 16th April 1941 the City of Londonderry was bombed by the Luftwaffe.

After some flares were dropped 2 large parachute mines exploded at Messines Park in the Buncrana Road area of the City demolishing the houses at 55, 57, 59 and 61 Messines Park.

This small development is named after the First World War Battlefield of Messines Ridge and was home to a number of Ex –Servicemen.

The picture above shows the Memorial Plaque with Messines Park housing behind.

The pictures above  show the devastation of the attack. 

More details at Derry Journal -

Thirteen people between the ages of 10 months and 60 years were killed and are listed here:-

Ellen Collins, 21 years, 55 Messines Park

James Collins, 60 years, 55 Messines Park

Ita Murray, 13 years, 59 Messines Park

Kathleen Murray

Mollie Murray 39 years, 59 Messines Park

Philomena Murray, 10 years, 59 Messines Park

Sheila Murray, 10 Months, 59 Messines Park

William Murray, 50 years, 59 Messines Park

William Alexander McFarland, 44 years, Home Guard resided at 57 Messines Park and was killed at his home address.

The War continued and with the arrival of American Forces accommodation was needed.

The photograph on the right shows an American Servicemen who was billited in Messines Park.

(Thanks to Mark Brown and Derry of the Past)

Bridie Richmond, 14 Months, 61 Messines Park

John Richmond, 53 years, 61 Messines Park

Owen Richmond, 18 years, 61 Messines Park

Winifred Richmond, 45 years, 61 Messines Park.

William McFarland died in Luftwaffe Bombing of Londonderry.

William Alexander McFarland was 44 years old and had been serving with the Ulster Home Guard.
He lived at 57 Messines Park, Londonderry,was Son of Alexander and Annie McFarland of 16 Hawkin Street, and Husband of Elizabeth McFarland.

Killed during the Luftwaffe bombing of Londonderry his remains were initially taken to his home at 16 Hawkin Street and he was laid to rest in Derry City Cemetery in Plot GB 109 R.S. (Thanks very much to Martin Parke for these photographs)

My two photographs above show an exact replica of a German Parachute Mine as dropped at Messines Park.

Report from Derry Journal of the passing of a survivor of the bombing. (Thanks to Seamus Breaslin)