The Second World War in Northern Ireland

The Second World War in Northern Ireland

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The fallen of the Causeway Coast 1939 - 1945. Bushmills

Cracking publication with masses of information and pictures. Size A% and containing 191 pages. Great stuff.

The Spies at Gilnahirk

Impressive, detailed book by George Busby anout the Secret Listeners who were involved in the Second World War in a clandestine manner around Northern Ireland.

Fantastic publication from Glentoran Community Trust which was produced to mark the 75th anniversary of the Belfast Blitz.
Impressive articles from Sam Robinson and Ernie Cromie. Very enjoyable read!

"Life-Line to Freedom" was produced in the early 1990's. Some brilliant information and lots of illustrations. Great little book.

"From Belfast Lough to D-Day" was produced by Ian Wilson at North Down Museum as part of the 50th Anniversary of D-Day events which took place in the Bangor area at that time. 64 Pages of interesting reading and illustrations.

These books tell the personal stories of men from Northern Ireland and what they endured during the war.

"Nearness of Ice" has the experiences of seventeen men. Not easy to read. It appears as if audio interviews were simply transcribed.

"Tom" is about Tom Hutton from Carrickfergus who was shot down over Belgium and his experiences in trying to get back to Britain. A good read.

Produced to mark the closure of R.A.F. Sydenham this is filled with brilliant information however sadly it was not designed to last.

In the Heart of the City - Belfast's City Airport By Guy Warner and Jack Woods

Another book about Belfast City Airport.

Two books of a very similar nature.

I bought my copy of "Action Stations" back in 1984 and have used it on countless occasions when visiting the various Second World War related airfields around Northern Ireland. Cracking Book!

"The Military Airfields of Britain" has more references to the Military involvement at airfields and includes some Plans and details of Decoy Sites.

Primarily aviation related these two books also have considerable content relating to the Second World War.

"Belfast International Airport" provides details of the Squadrons who operated from R.A.F. Aldergrove during the war years.

"Flying from Derry" covers more than the title refers to with lots of details about the Fleet Air Arm around Northern Ireland. Good Book.

Arresting Memories of the Royal Ulster Constabulary

A pictorial history of the Royal Ulster Constabulary which includes some references to the Second World War.

All Along The Control Tower Volume Two

This is an impressive book consisting of 276 all colour pages and A4 size!

It covers Airfields in Scotland and Northern Ireland with Ballyhalbert, Ballykelly, Bishopscourt, Cluntoe, Greencastle, Langford Lodge and Limavady all being represented.

All Along The Control Tower Volume Three

Northern Ireland Airfields in this Edition are Aldergrove and Mullaghmore.

A4 Size with photographs of each Control Tower and information regarding each Airfield. - Visit for more information.

Dig WW2

Written by Jean Hood to accompany the BBC Television series presented by Dan Snow.

Lots of information and photographs relating to the involvement of Northern Ireland in the Second World War.

The Royal Air Force Airfields at Limavady, Eglinton, Cluntoe and Castle Archdale all feature as well as the surrender of German U-Boats at Lissahawley and the pillbox protecting the River Bann at Portna.

Super publication.

Northern Ireland in the Second World War

Detailed read, crammed with information. Written by John W. Blake and consisting of 560 pages. This is the official account of Northern Ireland in the Second World War.

Ours To Hold - R.A.F. Aldergrove At War 1939-1945.

If you have an interest in the efforts of Northern Ireland during the Second World War then this book is simply a Must-Have!

216 pages packed with information and illustrations. Covers lots of stuff not found elsewhere. Written by T.G. Docherty this is top notch.

Fermanagh in the Second World War

Only 30 pages but filled with easily readable information regarding County Fermanagh during WW2.

Looks at the Battle of the Atlantic, the Air Bases at Castle Archdale, Killadeas and St Angelo, various Operations and Training Locations as well as the local Regiments.

Langford Lodge Books by William Lindsay

"Wartime Langford Lodge" The involvement of Northern Ireland in the Second World War is something that is often overlooked by historians but here we have a publication which is of a very high standard.

It is clear that very many hours have been taken up with researching the various incidents involving aircraft connected to the large Langford Lodge Base.

While giving considerable information relating to these incidents the author has been able to present it in an easily readable form.

I find it particularly interesting to learn of what happened to the Aircrews and Aircraft after they departed Langford Lodge to be involved in battle.

"Hut 203"

Following on from his first book William has joined forces with Richard Eastwood whose Father had worked at Langford Lodge during the Second World War.

Compiled from Doug Eastwood's Logbook and including cartoons, illustrations and pictures of the Lockheed overseas Corporation "Magnet" Magazine this is a great insight into what was happening at Langford Lodge.

Remembering Their Sacrifice in the Second World War. The Dead of North Down and Ards.

This is the third book by Barry Niblock looking at those from North Down and Ards Areas who have lost their lives in War.

The previous 2 publications concentrating on the First World War.

This is a large book with masses of information, interesting facts and photographs which will become a "Must-Have" item for anyone interested in this subject.

Well researched top quality publication.

"The Belfast Blitz - The City in the War Years"

This is an updated version of the Book shown below.

Lots more information as well as many pictures which were previously unseen.

A top quality publication.


The Blitz - Belfast in the War Years

Super read giving lots of information and well illustrated. Written by Brian Barton the rear of the book includes the lists of name, address and mortuary to where were taken of all those who perished in the German Blitz on Belfast as well as attacks on Londonderry and Bangor.

The Belfast Blitz

Written my Stephen Douds this book has 155 pages of first hand accounts of like in Belfast during the Blitz.

Excellent reading.

Post 381 - The Memoirs of a Belfast Air Raid Warden.

Written by James Doherty who grew up in North Belfast. He volunteered to become an Air Raid Warden and was involved in many aspects of the blitz indeed his own home was destroyed.

Fabulous Book - One of the Best!

Five Years on Full Alert

Written by Wallace Clark about the memories of a Second World War Anti-Aircraft gunner.

"The Coleraine Battery - The History of 6 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery R.A.(SR) 1939 - 1945"

This book is an extensive work consisting of 234 pages.

Written by Ronnie Gamble it is a fantastic piece of work with lots of information and photographs covering from the Formation of the Battery through their Operations in Scotland and on to North Africa then Northern Europe and the advance into Germany.

The Personal Stories of the men who served are quality!

Home Away From Home - The Yanks in Ireland

An interesting read looking at life in Northern Ireland for the many American Personnel who passed through on their way to other places during the war. This book has 164 pages and was written by Mary Pat Kelly with many items from U.S. Personnel.

Passing Through

The 82nd Airborne Division in Northern Ireland 1943-44.

By John McCann. A very well researched book including interviews with veterans who had been based in Northern Ireland. Some great pictures.

Defending The North

Another Colourpoint production. Some brilliant details on the various Forts at Grey Point, East Twin Island and Kilroot as well as the Heavy Anti-Aircraft Batteries.

The Rifles Are There

An excellent, well researched book about the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Royal Ulster Rifles in the Second World War. With a forward by Major General Corran Purdon this is a quality read. By David Orr and David Truesdale

Constant Endeavour Limavady

Super Book compiled by the Roe Valley Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association.

Gives information relating to the Battle of The Atlantic Memorial shown on the cover as well as details about the Royal Navy in County Londonderry.

The Merchant Navy, Maritime Royal Artillery and the various local Airfields and the Squadrons who were based there are all included as well as some Veterans Reflections.

Covering The Approaches

By John Quinn and Alan Reilly this book looks at the role of Limavady and Ballykelly in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Cracking read with lots of information.

Another book about Limavady Airfield. By John Quinn

"The Storm Passed By" and "Atlantic Memorial" are two books relating to the Northwest and the Battle of the Atlantic.

Snapshots of Belfast - Photographs of Belfast 1940 - 1949.

This is a production from the Glenravel Local History Project and, as you would expect, contains a huge number of photographs as well as some copies of old newspaper advertisements. Very entertaining.

The 2 pictures above are my older version and a later print cover.

Bombs On Belfast

A photographic record of the Belfast Blitz with an introduction by Dr Chris McGimpsey.

A large selection of good quality pictures.

Ballykinler Camp

Produced and only available from Down County Museum in Downpatrick (Which is mentioned in this website as having been used during WW2)

The book has a few pages relating to the use of the Camp for a number of purposes during the War.

Bodies in Our Backyard

Written by Elaine McClure from The Ulster Society. This is another book relating to the "Belfast Blitz" and has lots of personal accounts of what happened.

What I found particularly interesting about this book was a selection of photographs which I had not seen before.

McAughtry's War

This is an autobiography from Sam McAughtry who was born in the Tigers Bay area of Belfast and worked as a riveter at Shorts Aircraft Factory. He then joined the Royal Air Force as Ground Crew before becoming an Officer navigator on Beaufort Bombers. An entertaining book about his exploits in the Mediterranean Area of Operations.

My Time in the War

An autobiography by Romie Lambkin which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Tells of her life in the ATS spending a considerable amount of time driving throughout Northern Ireland to various Camps and Barracks before heading to Europe.

Enlightening about some of the activity which took place in Northern Ireland.

Key to Victory - The Maiden City in the Second World War.

By Richard Doherty. I found this book really interesting in relation to the Londonderry Area during WW2. A top read.

Brotherhood of the Cauldron - Irishmen in the 1st Airborne Division from North Africa to Arnhem

A cracking publication by David Truesdale which shows the commitment of soldiers to the 1st Airborne Division.

Consisting of 232 pages this is a well researched history bringing the personal details of Airborne Warriors to the reader and in doing so making this great book into an even better one!

Pardon Me Boy

This is a pictorial Record of the American Forces in Northern Ireland.

It consists of 100 pages and if you did not know about this subject then here is a great book to get you interested!

Northern Ireland in the Second World War 

Cracking Book by Brian Barton.

Good information and illustrations. Not too deep so easily read and understood.

Toome's Wartime Airfield 

Smashing little book.

Only 76 pages but has lots of information regarding Toome during the Second World War.

Where The Wind Blows Free

This history of Cluntoe Airfield consists of just over 200 pages.

Some very interesting detail and a number of photographs of the Airfield as it looked in the past as well as how it looks now.

After The Battle Magazine

If you are interested in the Second World War in Northern Ireland then this is simply a "Must Have" Magazine. This Number 34 has lots of information and pictures relating to the arrival of the United States Armed Forces in Northern Ireland - and as you can see from this picture of my copy I find it very useful!

Carrickfergus, Harland and Wolff The Churchill Tank and The North Irish Horse.

A bit of a mouthful for a small, but very interesting booklet available free from the Carrickfergus Tourist Office. Eight pages of useful information.


S.K. Photos

Here we have a website which includes some thought provoking photographs of the highest quality from places such as the Western Front, Somme and Arnhem.

591 (Antrim) Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers

Comprehensive website containing lots of information relating to this Unit.

An ongoing preject which is worthy of your support.

Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association

Excellent website from the United States Navy sailors and civilians who served at the United States Navy Communications Station in Londonderry. A wealth of information and pictures which is well worth a visit.

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment

This website relates to 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army and includes a considerable amount of information regarding Northern Ireland in WW2.

Northern Ireland War Memorial Home Front Exhibition

This is a website which runs side by side with the Northern Ireland Home Front Exhibition which can be found at 21 talbot Street in Central Belfast.

I strongly suggest you pay them a visit!

B-26 Marauder Crash Site in Mourne Mountains

Please take a look at this website which goes to considerable lengths to tell the story of the crash of this aircraft and identifies those who were killed going into considerable detail about each individual. A commendable effort to mark the passing of these men.

After The Battle Magazine

Super magazine looking at sites in a then and now format. Have permitted me to use of their photographs in this website for which I am very grateful. Excellent magazine for those with an interest in subject matter as on this site. 

Caledon WW2

First Rate website with lots of information and high quality photographs relating to the Caledon area during the Second World War. Highly recommended!!

Ulster Home Guard Facebook Page

Visit the "Ulster Home Guard World War Two" Facebook page for lots of information about UHG.